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Videoshow the best free video editor for Android

Best free video editing app for Android 2016

best free Android video editor

A good video editing app is very important for both professional or non professional video maker. Are you searching for a good Android free video editor ? Yes, you are in right place. I have used so many video editor but most of them having various problem or limitations.
Some of them are having good features but only for premium users. Now I am using a video editor on my Android phone which is the best video editor I have ever used. Good thing is that, it is totally free.

The name of this video editor is Videoshow. Android play store rating 4.5 and size of this video editor 26.42mb only. If you search in play store for video editor you will get it within first ten apps of the list.

How to install videoshow video editor

Go to Google play store and search for 'Videoshow' you will get it at the first of the list. Press it than install the app and than open.

Features of this video editor

*Various theme
*Various background music
*Removing original voice

Videoshow is the best free video editor and it is very easy to use. You can make a video in two ways in this video editor. One is using your various pictures or images from your collections. By this process first of all you have to upload your pictures on Videoshow app. Than you can make a slideshow by these pictures.

Another one is uploading your recorded video or any video to Videoshow. You may use only one video or more than one whatever you like. If you are having more than one clip those you want to get in one. Upload all of it than select one by one and edit them by using Videoshow video editor.

Using theme option you may use various theme from this app. If you are not satisfied by these themes you can download more theme from the store.

Using transition option you can select  how to come a picture or video clip on the screen when previous one gone. You can use various transitions in a video.

free Android video editing apps

Trimming is very easy in this video editing app. Normally when we take a video by our camera or phone, at the last or fast or in the middle of the video some unwanted second may add which we want to delete from our clip. Trimming will do that job for you. Using trim option you can cut your desired second from the video. Press trim option than select which part you want to keep in your video. Than press the tick button from the upper corner of your screen, your video will be trimmed in a few second. If your video is very long than it will take more time.

** You can use quick trim option also.

Most of the time some unnecessary sound may be added to your video clip when you shoot your videos or sound quality of your video may be not good enough. It is very simple that you don't want to hear any unnecessary sound from your video and your viewers also. For these problem you may remove original sound from your video clip by this video editor and you can use any music from your memory card or cloud storage.

Music option to add background music in your video. You may use mp3 song or any music track from your phone also.
best free Android video editor 2016

Dubbing is one of the best feature of this video editor. I have searched others video editing app from Google play store but most of them don't have this option. Those video editor which have this option maximum have some limitations. Some have only one minute recording for free or some don't support these format bla bla bla.
If you want to add new voice to your video clip than just remove original voice from the clip than add new voice by pressing the microphone icon. Remember this you have to keep pressing this button up to your voice recording finished. So, from now onwards shoot video and than add your voice later. It is the best video editor of 2016 for short movie makers.

Drawing option let you to make tutorial type videos. It is a great function of this Android video editor. You can draw various sign, line, arrow anything on the video by your finger where you want to draw. This option let you to highlight anything in your video using arrow or another sign.

Most of the time we see that people feeling boared using same theme, music, transition again and again. If you feel like that you can download more music, theme, transition, etc from the store.

best free video editor for Android

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