Monday, March 21, 2016

New upgrade details of Clash of Clans March, 2016

New upgrade of Clash of clans, March 2016

All clash of clans lovers know that after 1 or 2 months Supercell updates their high popular game clash of clans. So in this month also they upgraded the game clash of clans and have made some changes in the base structure.  So let see how many changes they have brought and what are they.

New dark barracks troop:

From last year we all clash of clans lovers are waiting for a new troop of dark barracks. So it is expected thing that new dark barracks troop has arrived. The name of this new dark barracks troop is
'Bowler'. Don't think that this a player of cricket which bowling for batsman. It is your clash of clans bowler. Its damage and hitpoint are not very high but average. Let see the capabilities of this new dark barracks troop.

Damage per second : 65
Hitpoints : 320
Training cost : 130 dark elixir.
Favorite target: Any
Damage type: Area splash
Targets: Ground
Housing space: 8
Training time: 8M
Movement speed: 14

How you will get this Bowler:

This troop is only for town hall 10 and town hall 11. That means to unlock this bowler (dark barrack troop) you have to upgrade your town hall at 10. So unlock the bowler and enjoy a new experience of clash of clans.

New defensive structure level at town hall 11:

1. Inferno tower: New level of inferno tower. The highest level of inferno tower was 3, now it can be 4 at th 11. Inferno 3 was enough for defences but now it is 4 ? Yes, star from town hall 11 base is now tougher than before.

2. Mortar:
New mortar level at th 11. Previous highest level of mortar was 8, now it is 9. Game is becoming very tough.

Change of Grand wardens ability:

Grand warden life aura and external tome range reduced but very less change.

Changes at attacking side of TH 10:

Hog Rider: Hog Rider level comes to 6 from 5. Previous highest level was 5 which can be obtained at TH 9. Now it 6 but you need to go to TH 10 to upgrade Hog rider level 6. It is very very good news to all hog attackers. I am also a hog attacker and I love to give attacks by hog riders. So cheers!!

Valkyrie: New level of valkyrie is now 5. Very effective change has been done to valkyrie. Its attacking power and speed both have been increased. Now it can be used at war. Now it is faster than before and more powerful also, because its damage per second has been increased.

Goblin: Goblin has got a new level. Now goblin can be level 7. Which was highest level 6 before at Th 10.

Changes at town hall level 9:

Skeletons: Hitpoint of all skeletons has been reduced. Skeletons will not spawned from witches no longer trapes.

Goblin: Goblin level 6 can be obtained at town hall 9 which was previously at town hall 10.

X-bow: All TH9/10 holders love x-bows. It is a great thing for defence. Now it is more powerful at level 2,3,4. Oh my God, what will be the condition of th10 attackers ? Powerful inferno + powerful x-bow!!!

Changes at town hall 8:

Valkyrie: Damage per second has been increased but hitpoint reduced of valkyrie. Got high speed attacking power after reaching her targets.

Wizard tower: Hitpoints increased for level 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 wizard towers. Now it is very dangerous. All attackers be careful about it.

Dark spells: Brewing time of all dark spells reduced to 10 min. It is a good decision and good for loot.

Poison spell: Poison spell will not work on idle CC troops. If you bring opponent CC troops to corner and use poison spell on them without using any troops to destroy them they will flee from there. Be careful about this thing.

Changes at Town hall 5:

Spells: Brewing time of all spells reduced to 20 min. Previously rage spell brewing time was 30min. It was very disgusting. A very very good change of Clash of Clans.

Some important changes for all levels of clash of clans:

★ Battle time reduced to 3min from 3.30min for every attack.

Building construction: New building construction can not be cancelled but upgrades can be cancelled. If you order your builder for a new construction you can not cancel it. You may cancel only upgrading of a construction.

Air defence: No important change in air defence except looking. It got a difference look from previous one but not a big change.

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