Saturday, March 12, 2016

Play Clash Royale & win every fight

The new game of supercell, The new look of clash of clans, a new formation of clash of clans. Yes it is 'Clash Royale'. It is the new hot android game of year 2016.

If you are a lover of clash of clans game this is another game which makes your gaming life
enjoyable. Most of the troops name and faces taken from clash of clans but here gaming experience will be difference and some new troops also added in clash royale game.

This a head to head game but you can use various troops from your deck. What is deck?  In this game you will be able to use some kind of troops from your army. You can't use all kind of troops. But you can select which kind of troops you want to use in your battle. In clash of clans you were bound to use troops as your army camp capacity. Here it comes but in another way. You may use 8 kind of troops at a time. That means your card combination will be filled with 8 types of card. You may change your troops formation at any time but not in a battle time.

Use perfect formation of troops/card:

so it is most important to select perfect fomation of troops to win every battle. Here your troops are shown as a card, examples : one card is for giant, another one for baby dragon and another one for P.E.K.K.A etc. So your card combination means your deck is  your power. Your win/lose will depend on your card combination that means on your deck. But if you are smart enough to use card you may win by low troops. So total two factors are working in a battle of Clash Royale, one is card combination and another one is your skill that how nicely you can use your card.

Upgrade your troops:

How to upgrade your troops or card power.?
You will get some free chest or crown chest free after sometimes. It is a continuous process.  You will get next free chest if you open your present chest that means count down will start for next chest just after opening your available free chest. And another types of chest is Arena chest, which you may earn by playing the games or by your battles performances. Your troops or card upgrading will depend on these chests. So you have to open chests regularly as much as you can.

Builders were a big factor in clash of clans but  builders are totally absence in clash royale. What are you thinking ?  Oh it will be a nice thing?  No, thing is that you are not able to open two chest at a time and opening of chests are taking a long time. After finishing one chest you can be able to start for another one except free chest. Free chests will not take long time, it will take only few seconds.

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