Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How to root Samsung Galaxy s7 easily

The last phone of Samsung was galaxy s6 and Samsung kept their popularity in mobile world by this phone yet. What is waiting for year 2016 ?  Samsung already announced about their new phone of 2016. Yes, it is Samsung galaxy s7. Samsung announced about s7 at last February, 2016.

One rumor spread out before
February 2016  that the operating system of new phone of Samsung going to be taizen. But Samsung still in Android. Now we will see that how to root your new Samsung galaxy s7.

How to root Samsung galaxy s7:
To root new Samsung galaxy s7 we will take help from one click root app. It is safer, easier and less timing process.
So let's go to root our new phone Samsung galaxy s7 by using one click root.

Root process:

1st of all you need 'One click root' app, if you don't have it download One click root and than setup it on your laptop/desktop computer.

Use your USB cable and connect your Samsung galaxy s7 to the computer by it.

Enable USB debugging option from your phone settings.

Press/click on the 'Root' button and run it on your Android device.

Now you have finished your job and the software will process automatically next steps.
Be cool & wait for finishing the process. After few times you see that Root process of your new Samsung galaxy s7 has been finished safely. The root process will not take long time by this process and it is a easier process to root any Android devices. Now enjoy your Android system fully. Another thing is that it is a very safe rooting process and it will not brick your phone.

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