Friday, March 25, 2016

New update details of Clash Royale game, 2016

'Clash Royale' is the new super hit real time battle game of Supercell, released in 2016.
Recently they have brought huge changes to this real time battle game. Some troops got more power and
speed at the time some another troops slightly lost their power.

If you want to be a good player of Clash Royale game you have to keep update yourself with the games condition. Now you are a good player of a game but you may not be in future if you don't know what is going on in a update. In this article I am trying to share details of new update of march, 2016.

Let see how much changes have come to this Clash Royale game update.

Cards which power have been decreased:

Prince: Prince is the most wanted powerful card to all clash royale game players. It is very popular for its high damage power and high speed. In new update its charge speed has been decreased 13%. Previously its charge power was very high that's why it could damage any tower within very short time. Still it is powerful but less from previous.

Dark Prince: Dark prince condition also same. Its charging power and speed also was very high now it has been decreased to balance the game Clash Royale.

X-bow: X-bow is one of the most powerful defence. The range of x-bow has been decreased to 12 which previously was 13. Because of its high damaging capacity the range of x-bow decreased and lifetime also decreased from 60sec to 40sec.

Cannon: Cannon is a common defence of COC & clash royale. Life time of cannon has been decreased to 30sec from 40sec.

Princess: Princess is very very high popular card for its massive damage power. Now supercell tries to balance the game and that's why its hitpoint decreased. Now it can be vanished quickly by archer or other defending troops. Her hitpoint has been decreased 10%.

Cards which power or speed have been increased.

Giant: Giant is a very effective troop to destroy opponent defensive structure. Now it is more powerful. Damage power of giant has been increased 5% from before.

Royal Giant: The damage power of royal giant has been increased 20%. It got a big change because of its less use. Now it may be very useful to the players.

Ice wizard: Attacking power 5% increased. Its main attraction is control. You can control it but was less damage power now it has been increased 5%.

Valkyrie: Valkyrie has good hitpoint and attacking power. In this update her speed and damage power has been increased more 10%.

Poison: Poison is a less useful card of Clash Royale game. That's why supercell increased its damage power to make it useful. Now its damage power increased 5%.

Balloon: Balloon is very useful card of clash royale. Mainly it is popular for its damage power but hitpoint is was low. Now hitpoint increased 5%.

Witch: She summon skeleton continuously. Damage power of witch increased 5%.
Archer: Archers are more faster than before. They are very quicker to attack and defence as like spear goblins.

Rage spell: The movement speed and damage power of rage spell is now 40%. Previously which was 35%.

Three musketeers: Their elixir cost now 9 from 10 elixir. That means before this update it was 10 elixir for 3 muketeers in Clash Royale game. 1 elixir cost has been reduced from it.

So, now format your deck according to the new update to win any battle. Choose your best card by reading this article and be furious to your opponents.

If you want to share any opinion please write it in the comment box. Thank you.

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