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Clash Royale game Arena 1 card deatails and strategy

Card list of Clash Royale Arena 1 (Goblin Stadium) and their strategy

Arena 1 goblin stadium

We know that the best game of year 2016 Clash Royale devided into some level according to the trophies of the players. Which are called 'Arena' in Clash Royale game. First one is Arena 1 which name is goblin stadium. The range of this Arena is 0-400. That means when your trophy below 400 you will be in Arena 1(Goblin Stadium). Try to achieve all cards from this Arena when you are
in it. If you will go to Arena 2 without collecting
all cards, you will not get these cards from Arena 2 except coming back to this Arena or by gem. It is very easy to collect these cards only in one or two days. All of these cards may not be used, but you can change your battle strategy if you have all cards in future when you will be in a high Arena.

Let see how many cards are available in Goblin Stadium (Arena 1), their information and strategy. 

Card list of Arena 1 (Goblin Stadium)

Spear Goblin
Goblin Hut
Lightning Spell
Goblin Barrel

Goblin card information and strategy 

Clash Royale Goblin card strategy
DPS: 45
Hitpoint: 80
Hit speed: 1.1sec
Deploy time: 1sec
Speed: Super fast
Range: Melee
Target: Only Ground.
Number: 3
Elixir: 2

Do you know goblin ? If you are a Clash of Clans player nothing to say. Yes, the thief. In coc it is used to steal gold, elixir and dark elixir. Most of the player in COC are not using goblins due to its very low hitpoint. But in Clash Royale game it is a very useful troop though still its hitpoint is low. You can defeat your opponent only by using various goblin cards. 3 goblins will be deployed at a time if you use a goblin card from your Clash Royale deck.

Attack: Goblin is a low hitpoint troop but super fast troop. So, you should use it with high hitpoint troops like giant, Valkyrie. When you are in full attacking position by giant or Valkyrie or baby dragon or P.E.K.K.A. Try to use goblin card as much as possible up to your high hitpoint troops are alive.

Defence: Goblin card is good for defence. It can target only ground. To eliminate giant skeleton, P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A it can be used. Try to make busy them near the river by using goblins and wait for good defensive troops like Valkyrie, barbarians etc.

Weakness: Low hitpoint is the main weak point of goblin. Without high hitpoint troops it can't be effective.

Spear Goblin card iinformation and strategy 

Clash Royale Spear Goblin card

DPS: 18
Hitpoint: 52
Speed: Very fast
Deploy Time: 1sec
Range: 5.5
Hit speed: 1.3 sec
Target: Air and ground
Number: 3 (3 troops deployed at a time)
Elixir: 2

Spear goblins are a new form of goblin. Their DPS and hitpoint both are low but they are super fast and able to attack both ground and air. Spear goblins are not very effective if they are alone but when they attack with giant, Valkyrie or prince they can make a difference. Specially you can use them to increase your attacking power with high hitpoint troops.

Attack: Despite their DPS and hitpoint both are low they can be very useful if you can use it. Their one plus point is they can attack both air and ground. They should be used to give backup high DPS troops like mini P.EK.K.A, baby dragon, prince, giant etc.

Defence: Spear gooblins card is a good option to defend mini P.E.K.K.A, giant skeleton and flying units. Valkyrie and spear goblins may be a good defensive combination. Low elixir cost gives opportunity to use them again and again.

Weakness: Hitpoint is low, only 52. Without high hitpoint troops they can't be effective.

Goblin hut card informations and strategy 

Clash Royale Goblin hut card

Type: building
Hitpoint: 700
Deploy time: 1sec
Life time: 1min
Spear goblin level: 3
Elixir: 5

Goblin hut is an another form of spear goblin. By this card you can sattle a hut from which spear goblins will come out continuously for 1 minute. Total 12 spear goblins will come out in this time.

Attack: Spear goblins of goblin hut can attack both air and ground. It should be used with high hitpoint troops. Sattle it behind your tower to keep it safe. Opponent will try to destroy it as early as possible by fireball, arrows, rocket etc. Sattle goblin hut than deploy giant or Valkyrie. Spear goblins will be gathered after giant or Valkyrie and backup them. If you send this combination to any tower safely it will be destroyed immediately.

Defece: Goblin hut will be used to defend automatically when need. If goblins are coming out and your tower is under attack that time, they will start to defend them automatically. If your tower hitpoint has been reduced, sattle goblin hut in front of the tower, it will be a shield for the tower.

Weakness: Hitpoint of spear goblins very low. It can be destroyed only by fireball or rocket or lightning. 

Valkyrie card information and strategy 

Clash Royale Valkyrie card pic

Type: troop
DPS: 80
Hitpoint: 880
Deploy time: 1sec
Hit speed: 1.5sec
Speed: Medium
Range: Melee
Targets: Only ground
Elixir: 4

Valkyrie is the most less usable troop of Clash of Clans. Only being used at war CC of lower base. Situation not same in Clash Royale game. It is most important troop of Clash Royale game. For both attack and defence it is a perfect card in Clash Royale game

Attack: Its damage power and hitpoint both are modarate. Good hitpoint and attacking style give her an advantage from other troops. Skeleton army is a dangerous card for high hitpoint troops like giant, prince, giant skeleton etc. If you use Valkyrie with these high hitpoint troops for attack, opponent's skeleton army will be totally uselless and they will be vanished only by one strike of Valkyrie. It can be used with goblin hut and goblins. 

Defence: It is a very good troop to defend any ground attack. Mainly it is horrible for low hitpoint troops like skeletons, skeleton army, goblins etc. If you face attack by a group of low hitpoint troops, it may be the best choice to eliminate them instantly. It is dangerous for its attacking style by an axe. To damage high hitpoint troops it can be used.

Weakness: It can't give air attack. It may be eliminated by minions or baby dragon if you have no backup for it.

Lightning card information and strategy 

Clash Royale Lightning card pic

Damage: 650
Crown tower damage: 260
Rang: 3.5 in radius.
Duration: 1.5second
Number: 3
Elixir: 6

If you are a Clash of Clans player, nothing to say you about lightning spell. It is very useful spell of COC war. In Clash Royale also it may be a good weapon for you.

Attack: Use lightning to reduce opponent tower hitpoint. If you are very near to destroy your opponent's tower but your troops are died that time you can use this to give the finishing punch. You can destroy opponent's attacking troops by lightning or it can be used to destroy goblin hut, barbarian hut which are very disturbing cards in Clash Royale game.

Defence: Lightning is useful when you need to defend your tower but there are so many opponent's troops. So you have to defend your tower very quickly. It is the best card to defend your tower instantly in Clash Royale game.  Normally its damage power is 650 but less for crown tower. For crown tower damage power only 260. So remember this point.

Weakpoint: It can damage 3 buildings or 3 troops at a time in its radius. If there are less than 3 troops or buildings in its radius full effects can't be earned.
Elixir cost is high.

Goblin Barrel card information and strategy

Clash Royale goblin barrel card pic

Area Damage: 50
Crown Tower Damage: 20
Range: 1.5 in radius.
Goblin level: 6
Number : 3
Elixir: 4

Very good troops for direct attack. You can throw this card to the opponent's tower. It will blast there and three goblins will come out from that barrel and start to attack that tower. Very nice card for counter attack. 

Attack: Very good card for attack. Mainly it is used to give counter attack. If opponent is busy to attack that time use it. You should throw it when opponent's elixir is empty. That time he or she can't defend this due to shortage of elixir.
Most of the Clash Royale players like this card.

Defence: Normally it is used to give counter attack. But when you face a big attack that time it can be used.

Weakness: Hitpoint is low, less in number.

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