Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Update details of COC, May 2016

A big change has been done in the most popular strategy game Clash of Clans. Last week Supercell announced about some new features like friendly battle and some new troops. In this update all of them have come. If you want to give an effective attack, you have to know your troops capabilities and their weakness. Otherwise you will not be a good warrior of Clash of Clans. So, let see how many changes have come and what are they.

New update details of town hall 11

Balloon level 7

A new balloon level has come in town hall
11. Previous highest balloon level of Clash of Clans was 6 and it could be gained at town hall 9. Balloon and lava combination which known as lava loon attack still very popular in COC for town hall 9. Balloon is a very very effective troops for war. But in town hall 10 and 11 it is not working effectively. Now in town hall 10 and 11 also lava loon attack going to be popular.

Lava hound level 4

Oh my god, Lava can be level 4 ! The highest level of lava hound was 3 and it could be gained at town hall 10. After this update you can make your lava hound level 4 but it can be gained at town hall level 11. New attacking formation can be used to destroy town hall 11. I am waiting to see lava loon or go la loon attack in town hall 11.

New troop Miner

A new troop is included to Clash of Clans whose name is miner. Mainly it is a troop of Clash Royale another popular game of Supercell. It can be unlocked at the barrack level 12. Housing space 5 (good). Damage rate 80 and hitpoint 800 at 1st level. Training time 5 min and training cost 4200 elixir.

Cannon level 14:

A new cannon level has been arrived. You can upgrade your cannon level up to 14 level but it can be upgraded at town hall 11. So be careful when you want to attack on town hall 11.

Update details of town hall 10

Bowler housing space

Bowler is a new dark troops of Clash of Clans. Bowler has come at COC in last update of COC. It couldn't gain that much popularity and its housing space was very high according to its capbility. So, in this update bowlers housing space has been reduced to 6, previously which was 8. So, supercell expecting that it will be more useful.

Update details of town hall 9+

Baby Dragon

baby dragon of coc
A new troop has come which can be unlocked at town hall 9. The name of this troop is baby dragon. If you play Clash Royale game I have nothing to say, if you are not a Clash Royale player it is totally new to you. Baby dragon is the mini version of COC dragon and it needs 10 housing space. Favourite target any like big dragon. It looks like minion but big in size. Damage rate 75 and hitpoint 1200. Training time 10 minutes and training cost 15000 elixir. It feels shy when other troops are available with it but it becomes angry when it is alone, that time it damages at 2x speed. So, use your baby dragon wisely.

Update details of town hall 7+

Spring trap upgrading

spring trap pic
New system for spring trap has come. Now spring trap can be upgraded. Previously there was no system to upgrade spring traps. Now spring traps can be upgraded to level 5. A alarming news for hog riders and Valkyrie attackers. Valkyrie attack is very very effective attack for town hall 10. So, now you can stop the Valkyrie attack by upgrading all springs. Normally a 1st level spring has the capacity of 15 space. If you upgrade it from level 1 to level 2, its capacity will be 16. In this way the 5 level springs capacity will be 20 and that time it can eliminate 4 giant or hog. Valkyries housing space is 8 so now a spring can eliminate 1 valkyrie but when its level will be 2 it will be able to eliminate 2 valkyries.

Two new spells included in COC

Supercell has brought two new spells in COC. These two spells are clone spell and skeleton spell.

Clone spell

clone spell picture
The clone spell will copy your troops in its area. That means if you give it on a dragon, there will be two dragon. You will get a new one extra by this spell. If you use it on 4 giants, there you will get 8 giant. It will copy your 4 giants. But for level 1 its capacity only 20 space. It will not work initially on lava, golem, P.E.K.K.A etc which having more than 20 housing space. It will take 4 spell space and cost of this spell 38000 elixir. Brewing time 20 minutes. It can be unlocked at town hall 10 and spell factory level 5.

Skeleton spell

skeleton spell picture

Skeleton spell is a dark spell, its brewing time 5 minutes and cost is 110 dark elixir. It will take 1 spell capacity. You can guess about it from its name. It will produce a group of skeleton where you want. At level 1 it will give you only 6 skeletons.

How to use friendly battle option in Clash of Clans

Supercell has prohibited the use of any third party software for COC like xmode game. To give same thing means fake attack to any other base they have brought friendly battle option in COC. In friendly attack your troops and elixir nothing will be spent. You will get back all of your troops and spells which have been used in friendly attack. Your trophy also not be changed. By friendly attack you can't earn any elixir, gold, dark elixir or trophy. It only for practice or fun. If anybody attack you, your resources will remain constant, nothing will be changed.

A problem is that you can't give a friendly attack without permission of your friends or clan mates who is the owner of that base. If you want to practice a attack, tell your clan mates to give challenge. The right upper part of chat option, there is an option to give challenge any of your clan mates.

Live watch friendly attack

All of your clan mates can watch a friendly battle as like war attack. After finishing the battle the replay button will be shown on the chat box. Anybody can watch the replay from your clan mates.
So, start attacking and challenge your friends.

If you want to share your opinion about this update, please comment below. Thanks in advance.

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