Sunday, June 5, 2016

Marvel Contest of Champions the most popular game

The world is familiar with COC. COC is the most popular Android game of the world. Today I am going to tell about MCOC. What is MCOC ?  Yah, it is Marvel Contest of Champion. The game is totally action type fighting  game. Here you can act as a hero or villain of marvel world and you have to fight against others hero or villain. Graphics of this game is very good.

The game is like WWE Immortals, Mortal Kombat X, Injustice: Gods among us etc game but the story is different and you have to play with the
marvel super hero. It is a mobile game. The game is made only for Android and iOS platform.
The design of the game is really awesome. 3D technology used in fighting arenas and the movement of super heroes and actions are designed on 2D based technology. No extra buttons or joystick need to play the game because the control system of the game modified for touchscreen.

It is an online game, so your device must be internet connected. If you play the game 1hour about 20mb data will be deducted.
The game has been released in 2014. At first there were 25 correctors like Iron man, Spider man, Ultron, Magneto, Hulk, Wolverine, Magento, Rhino and after last update of the game in 2016 there are total 88 correctors available in the game. Every corrector has 5 different star base group such as 1 star Wolverine, 2 star Spider man, 3 star Hulk, 4 star Venom, 5 star Ronan etc. Bigger star means more powerful and upgraded super hero.

There are two type missions available in this game. One is story line base mission another one is PVP base mission. In story line base mission story ques, daily events and alliance mode missions are included. In these missions energy system is a big factor, it is limited that how many missions can be played by a player in a time. But a player can increase the energy system limit by upgrading his level.

In PVP mode you can fight with other players of the world. You can fight one vs one hero or you can use a group of three heroes to fight other players group.

To up your player level in this game you need xp and xp can be obtained by playing story line base mission and various events. Playing again and again you can earn more xp and it will make your account level high. In a higher level you will get new new features. Such as in 25 level you can make a group of 5 heroes but in begging it is limited in 2. Your item slot will be increased with your account level.

Every player has a rank in this game. Your rank is the combination of your all heroes rank. If you are having these heroes:
*1 star Iron man (122)
*2 star Spiderman (425)
*3 star Captain America (745)
*4 star Hulk (1345)
*5 star Thanes (2789)
Than your player ranking will be 5426. More upgraded heroes will make your rank more higher.

To upgrade correctors in this game you need ISO-8, gold and catalyst. You may get ISO-8 and gold from story quest or playing pvp mode game. Catalyst can be earn by playing especial events.


Alliance is another good feature of this game. Alliance is a group of players where highest 30 players may be in the Alliance. It may be private or open. Joining to a Alliance you may get help from other players and you can help others too. Helping others you will get alliance point. Alliance crystal can be bought by these alliance point. Overall the game is fantastic and very enjoyable.

System requirements for MCOC

Quard core processor
Ram only 1gb
Free space 720 mb
And you can play this game on both platform iOS and Android.

Weakness of MCOC

After last update the rate of data consuming has been increased. Now it is consuming average 8 mb in every 30 min. Loading is very slow. Sometimes the game is being crashed.

But if you play this game you will not be unhappy. Overall it is good. If you have anything to share about this game please comment below. Thank you.

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