Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Use Android device manager and keep safe

In the year 2016 mobile phone is a common thing in our daily life. Not only common but also a very important thing of our daily life. Many of us doing their official tasks on their Android phone. Most of us used to keep their personal photos, videos, official files, business secrets etc in our mobile phone mainly in our Android phone or iPhone. 

Sometimes we forget where we kept our mobile phone or sometimes it may be stolen.So
it will be very horrible thing if anybody lost his or her smart phone. That time we think that and pray to the God not to hand over our personal things to others. Sometimes it may not be stolen but it may fall in a such place where we are not searching.

In this case everybody try to make a call to that device, if he lucky he may find his Android phone by hearing the sound of ring. But most of us used to keep our phone silent or keep only vibration system on. What should we do that time ?

OK, now think that, if you are able to change your devices ringing system, how it will be ?
It will be great thing for you otherwise you have to search it for a long time or not if you are lucky.

Now I am going to tell you about a new Android app by which you can change your Android phones ring, password and if it is been stolen you can remove all of your data from your smart phone. It is Android device manager.

The name of this app is 'Android device manager'.
Play store rating is 4.3
Size of Android device manager 1.9mb only.

By using Android device manager you can control your Android device or iPhone from remote. You can change your devices password,  you can change your phones ringtone,  you can change your devices volume, you can stop your phone by this Android device manager. If you think that your phone is been stolen and you will not get it back, you can remove your all data from your phone. It is a great option of the Android device manager I think.
So, use Android device manager and keep safe from any harm or blackmail.
Android device manager
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