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Fight and win every attack of clash royale game at level 3/4

Clash Royale is a very popular game of 2016, developed by supercell. The most important thing of this game is card/troops combination. Best card combination is the key to success in battle.

There are two main factors to win a battle in Clash Royale game.
1. Deck formation (Card combination).
2. Average elixir cost.

At 1st I am telling you about the level 3 or level 4 card combinations.
Because at level 1,2 you can defeat your opponents very easily. From level 3/4 the game is becoming hard. At level 3 you may easily win every 8 or 9 battles of 10. So card combination or deck formation of clash royale is very important from the level 4.

Best card combination of clash royale at level 4:

1. Giant
2. Baby Dragon
3. Fireball
4. Valkyrie/mini P.E.K.K.A
5. Musketeer
6. Goblin Hut
7. Bomber
8. Spear Goblins

★★★Prince card:
If you are having Prince card you must include that in your deck.
You can replace Valkyrie by Prince.
How to give effective attack by these cards :
Attack is the main thing in a battle. You may win and get 3 star from a hard opponent also if you can give an effective attack. You may have very good cards but you will loose if you don't know how to use your cards properly.

Attack: At 1st use giant and just after giant send bomber+goblins. Giant will absorb all attack from opponents defences, bomber & goblins continuously will attack from giants behind. At the time use baby dragon and try to build builder huts as much as you can. If you can use at least two builder huts at a time than try to use just giant if giant available use dragon/Valkyrie/mini P.E.K.K.A. This combination will destroy your enemy base very quickly. Because builder hut continuously produce goblins & your giant or baby dragon will waste your opponents time. Another important thing is that don't try to attack from both side, just try to destroy one side and than give full attack to the opponents king. If opponent attack from other side that time use some defensive card to defend your tower.

★ If you are having Prince use it after giant and you don't need to do anything if you use giant+Prince+goblins hut at the same time. They will vanish your opponents tower very quickly.

How to defend in clash royale game at level 4:

Goblins are very effective in defence. Use your spear goblins to defend your tower. Musketeer + Valkyrie + goblins are the best combination for defence. And baby dragon is the royal thing which is very effective in both attack and defence.

Maximum you can use 8 cards in your deck. These 8 cards will come rotationally one after one in your battle time.

Fireball: Use fireball on the demand of your battle. Try to stock one fireball every times. Use it on a group of troops of your opponent otherwise your tower will be destroyed immediately. 

Ensure proper use of Goblin Hut:
Use goblin hut as much as you can. It all time makes your opponent tensed. Because it continuously gives goblin which are able to attack on both ground and air. Mainly if you use two Goblin Hut just after giant or dragon it will make sure your victory.

I am using it only for defence. Use musketeer to slow down your opponents troops. It is a good card to destroy giant or Prince.

If your tower is going to be destroyed and your opponent sends a giant you have to stop the giant immediately. That time skeletons group is very very effective to stop the giant.
Though I am not using it but it gives me very pain when my opponent using it.

★★Solve timing problem of clash royale:

If you think that your enemy is all time faster than you, try to solve it by reducing average elixir cost. It will make  you faster.

How it works ?
Think that your battle cards are Giant, mini P.E.K.K.A, musketeer, baby dragon, fireball, prince, bomb tower and goblin hut. Now see their elixir costs are 5,4,4,4,4,5,5,5.
So your total elixir cost is 5+4+4+4+4+5+5+5=36 and your average elixir cost will be 36/8=4.5.
If average elixir cost of clash royale is high it will make you slow that means you need more time to deploy your troops. If your average elixir cost is 3.6-4 you need less time from before. The standard average elixir cost of clash royale game is 3.8/3.9 I think. So if you bothered about timing change your some high elixir cost cards with low but effective cards.

Best of luck for your next all battles.

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